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Madeira and Porto Santo Weather
Madeira's climate is one of the major reasons why the island is so popular among tourists. Madeira has an all year round mild climate where temperatures rarely go bellow 16C. The combination of warm summers and mild winters has earned Madeira a reputation as a haven where visitors can take a break from their own harsher seasons. The island is rarely, if ever, either too cold or too hot.

Generally the weather pattern in Madeira is a clear morning becoming cloudy by noon and then the sky clearing again in the afternoon. Climate is pleasant close to the coast, but during the winter temperatures may close to zero in the mountains.

On average, rain falls 48 days of the year, ten of which are in November and about five each in the other winter months with the remaining rainy days shared out fairly evenly, although July and August are usually the driest months. Often misty clouds surround the island and the higher regions and even at midday clouds surround the mountain peaks.
Today's weather conditions for Madeira and Funchal Airport

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Today's weather conditions for Porto Santo Island

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